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Remembering You

Remembering You

A ghostly flower blooming and withering,
(or blot) blinking with colors that strain to brightness,
to equal those of what were seen before;
fragments, with the music or plain utterances
attempting to be as loud (or as soft)
as what they really were...

But all in vain.

Blurred and ephemeral. Just for a haunting and fleeting...
Many times an unexpected visitor,
an intruder, inside...

What is complete and constant is that depressing spirit:

Void of form and details, yet lingering, encumbering,
dragging. Punctuated, highlighted,
by the thief that intermittently
gives, curses, and leaves

with a piece.

Submission Guidelines

Ariel Chart is a signatory of P&W.
Published works are credited
in their renown Directory of Writers.
You may also get to know the editor through the Six Questions for an Editor Interview

ARIEL CHART is dedicated to brevity. Shorter works don't get as much attention in the publishing world. We are also committed to the literary work.  Genre ok. But no fan fiction, please. This is an Art journal. If you need to include politics, religion or batman in your work -- it better be one heck of a poem.

Poetry in 50 lines or less. (But I am willing to go longer for something outstanding.)  Traditional, Free Verse, Haiku, Senryu and Tanka are acceptable. You got something experimental I would like to read it. Please do not submit poetry with artwork or photos. All photos here are mine or public.

Microfiction of 1500 words or less. I know there is some debate on length regarding terms of microfiction, flash fiction, short fiction and short story. Leave that nonsense to academia. We will look at fiction above 1500 in some instances up to 3000. Just don't get carried away. No novellas.

Compensation: No themes. No fee. No pay. You get a solid credit with bio byline and a permanent archived link. Plus Ariel Chart is a signatory of Poets & Writers and you get 2 points for being published here towards building your professional directory listing with them. If you sell your work somewhere you do not own it any longer. It only has your name on it. If you want to include that work in a book some day you have to get their written permission. If you think all of that is worth $15 to $25 ---please give them a shot.

Ownership:  It's the foundation of it all. If I don't know who owns the work it doesn't get published. So please no pen name games. If your email doesn't reflect the name attributed to the work it's not getting published here. We're Editors; not Guessers. And no third party submissions. The writer needs to submit their work. Please no assistants, nurses, case workers, jailers, etc. Ownership is central to whom we are as writers. Don't tell me your real name and in the bio your pen name. Again if I have to guess, guess I'm going to reject you and look at the next submission.

Age: 18 or over. I would rather not have to exclude talented young people but unfortunately this platform is entirely operated by email, Facebook, twitter and instant message. And we are not legally comfortable conversing with people whom are not adults. That's the world we live in.

Formats: doc, docx, rtf, and pdf are acceptable. Email delivery only. Submission can be an attachment or inside the email. I advise you to test out the attachment because I get corrupted or damaged files often. Please do not forward links to your writing. It's bad form. And not a standard practice. Manners count here. Make a good impression. Submitting is a lot like a job interview. If you walk in looking messy you are probably not getting the job.

Simultaneous submissions. We don't care. That's your business. Published before. Ok, but make sure you retain rights. That's our business. We offer nonexclusive rights. If you are going to submit something that was been published before please give it at least a year before sending our way. After publications all rights revert back to author. The writing remains archived here in order to preserve previous issues and to give you a vital link to showcase your work well into the future.

Inclusion: We are not censors of language. So profanity is allowed as long as it makes artistic sense. We are not censors of ideas---but hurtful and hateful notions are not drivers of creativity---and will be returned unpublished. This includes political and religious notions. We expect our poetry to have poetry as its first and last motivation. This is an art journal. That is an artistic statement. Not my opinion.

Respect and Rejection Policy: We are deep believers of Respect. If I or Marchelle make a recommendation to alter or reconsider a part of your work it means we care and are fighting to get you published into the Ariel Chart family. It is always done with respect. And we are owed Respect in return. If you are not interested politely say so and we will move on possibly to another submission if you send multiple examples of your work. We are not believers in useless form letters if your work is rejected will be respond personally and hopefully provide some insight. All of this is ten times more than you will get from other publications. Please keep this mind.

Keep the arts alive in the world. Strange as this may sound --sometimes we are the only people in the world that make sense!

Submit Poetry:

Mark Antony Rossi

Submit Fiction:

Associate Editor
Marchelle Young


  1. Those were the clearest, most concise and impressive submission guidelines I have ever read. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    1. I totally agree Veronique. Thank you from me too!

  2. Just wondering if you accept photos although I don't see any mention of that.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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